Each one of the Graduating Ventures has delivered with perseverance and commitment to mission success during especially challenging times.

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​I know first hand the transformational impact that the mentors at CDL can have since I participated in the program as a founder. I participate in CDL as a mentor to pay-it-forward by helping the next generation of founders succeed the way we have.

Michael Helander • Associate, CDL-Toronto Founder and CEO, OTI Lumionics

CDL adds significant value to the startups in its Ocean cohort through a rigorous objective-based approach. With short time-lines between objective sprints, the startups are accountable to the CDL mentors and staff to reach and report on the milestones they set. This discipline can super-charge the important steps for the startup which are outlined in the objectives.

Millicent Pitts • Associate, CDL-Atlantic Executive Director, Ocean Exchange