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Child Health Imprints

Child Health Imprints applies IoT, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to make an early diagnosis of critical diseases and improve the quality of healthcare provided to neonates. The product integrates electronic medical record data, linking real-time data from monitoring devices and laboratory results to build models which predict the medical state of a neonate. These predictive models enable clinicians to make key interventions, ultimately improving newborns’ health outcomes.


Arcascope makes algorithms to help people track and adjust their circadian clock to improve their sleep. The company has two products. First, an app that tracks circadian rhythm using different physiological data points and provides personalized lighting and behavioral recommendations. The second is an API that can be integrated into other products and services — e.g. smart lighting in hotel and hospital rooms — that provides the same tracking and recommendation generation as the app.

Gray Oncology Solutions Inc.

Gray Oncology Solutions has a vision of an oncology workflow where each patient’s journey through cancer treatment is personalized, and statistically optimized to provide the best possible clinical outcomes. In pursuit of this vision, we’ve developed resource allocation software focused on optimizing the functional efficiency of oncology clinics (GrayOS). Operationally, this translates to the optimization and automation of patient scheduling, while incorporating the complex multi-disciplinary workflow resulting in reduced patient wait-times, higher patient throughput, reduced stress, and ultimately, superior patient care.


LUCID is a digital health company developing a new medicine called Digital Music Therapy. LUCID will provide personalized and validated therapeutic music experiences to improve outcomes in behavioral and neuropsychiatric health. LUCID’s mission is to leverage advances in AI and neuroscience to unlock the full potential of music to improve the human condition, and unlock new opportunities in digital health.

Pearl Diagnostics

Pearl Diagnostics (MycoMed Technologies) creates products to establish early diagnosis of invasive fungal infections, which are common causes of death in people with immune suppression and poor lung function. The company has licensed novel technology from Johns Hopkins University that enables detection of microbial vesicles excreted from the body in urine, forming the basis of several early diagnostics for lung infections. Ultimately, Pearl Diagnostics will allow for early treatment of these infections, resulting in avoiding preventable deaths.

ViewMind Inc.

ViewMind develops digital cognitive biomarkers to accurately measure brain health and diagnose neurocognitive disorders. ViewMind’s technology combines VR, eye-tracking and AI, and has been independently validated by Tier 1 pharmaceutical companies and leading hospital facilities in randomized controlled trials. The initial commercial focus is improving outcomes for patients with multiple sclerosis, a group who has unmet clinical needs ViewMind can target.

Winter Innovations

Winter Innovations is a medical device startup developing simple tools for overlooked areas in orthopedic surgery. The company is working to launch EasyWhip, a patented two-part needle to simplify and standardize “whip stitching” in ligament and tendon repair surgery. The EasyWhip suturing needle is transforming stitching in orthopedic ligament and tendon reconstruction surgery by fundamentally changing how stitching can be performed. It enables easy, fast, and accurate stitch placement with less variation.

xDot Medical Inc.

xDot Medical is a medical device company developing the xCinch Access Management system for vascular access. This technology allows for bloodless access site management, reliable closure, and easy re-access to the site to reduce bleeding complications.