For founders working on discovering, developing, or recycling advanced materials. The stream will focus on businesses that are identifying novel materials, new material discovery platforms, or characterization tools for new materials.

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Lios has created SoundBounce: an acoustic metamaterial that reduces noise and is made of its own responsive fluid material in a cellular-shaped skin that changes viscosity in response to sound energy. Its performance is up to 1000x greater than the current materials at low frequencies. The market spans the chemical, automotive, construction, aerospace, and home appliance industries.

Molecule Works

Molecule Works is developing a proprietary system for on-site collection of CO2 from air. The MWI system is economical at the small scale (0.2 tons of CO2 per day); once proven at this scale the system can be used for massive climate change mitigation applications.


Krosslinker uses a proprietary fabrication process to produce a class of advanced ultralight nanomaterials, called aerogels. The primary focus is on thermal insulation applications in cold-chain transport, cold storage, energy infrastructure, industrial, automotive, and construction industry. Their first product is an aerogel board to be used in cold-chain packaging, including bio-pharma shipments.


Using their novel manufacturing process, Wootz produces aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Their high-quality CNT films and fibers are as strong as Kevlar, as flexible as cotton, and nearly as thermally-conductive as diamond, which affords them applications in industries ranging from durable fishing equipment to wearable electronics.