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Drinkable Water Solutions Inc.

Drinkable Water Solutions is a hardware company developing an affordable, effective, and effortless testing device for drinking water. Half of Atlantic Canada relies on well water; roughly 40 percent of wells are unfit for human consumption, and up to 79 percent of well users aren’t testing their water due to inaccessibility of standard tests. Drinkable will reduce preventable health impacts of consuming non-potable water, including increased rates of cancer, heart disease, neurological impairment, and kidney disease.

Electric Puppets

Electric Puppets is a medical-device software company that has developed a virtual reality (VR) platform that enables clinical assessment and research in ophthalmology in areas that affect more than 10 percent of the global population (amblyopia, strabismus, etc.). The venture’s technology creates increased accessibility for assessment through its affordable, transportable, and easy-to-use platform, increasing patient throughput by 100 percent, decreasing long wait times for patients.


Frenter is a B2B SaaS rental platform for consumers and businesses. Current technology for businesses who are looking to advertise their rental products and for consumers who are looking to contribute to the sharing economy are outdated, lack point-of-sale (POS) integration, and don’t collect relevant data to improve the business. Frenter’s platform acts as the “Shopify for rentals,” providing tools such as its quick-listing, AI-powered software for owners and renters to easily become a part of the circular economy.

Greenlight Analytical

Greenlight Analytical is a hardware and software company that has developed a disruptive tool to measure the quality, potency, and consistency of cannabis plants in real time, right in the greenhouse. To provide a premium product to customers and maximize profitability, cannabis producers need to be able to measure the chemical composition of their plants for flavour, aroma, and experience, in addition to optimizing growing conditions in the greenhouse. Greenlight Analytical’s tools measure these parameters in real time, allowing producers to optimize production and consistently produce premium products.

Melior Motus

Melior Motus is a medical device company, leveraging decades of bedside experience to create products that enable healthcare professionals to safely move critically-ill patients. The Pronatorplus is the first product developed to safely prone (rotate from back to belly), and reposition patients in ICU beds without physical exertion by the healthcare team. Proning ICU patients saves lives, but is underused because it is resource-intensive and high-risk for patients and staff. The Pronatorplus removes both of these constraints.

Myomar Molecular Inc.

Myomar Molecular is a health diagnostics company developing the first, non-invasive molecular detection device and multiplex test for muscle loss. Over 80 percent of hospitalizations related to injury among seniors are due to falls; current muscle-monitoring methods are ineffective in accurately detecting muscle loss, are invasive, or costly. Myomar’s technology predicts fall risk and facilitates better-informed care decisions among the world’s ageing population.

NovaResp Technologies Inc.

NovaResp Technologies is a medical technology company that is developing the world’s first AI-enabled predictive and preventative continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. CPAP therapy is used to treat respiratory conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, but more than 50 percent of patients don’t use their machines due to factors such as lack of comfort, unattractiveness, lack of portability, too much or too little air pressure, and noise. NovaResp’s proprietary continuous management of airway pressure (cMAP) software can be integrated into any existing CPAP machine, and uses low-pressure therapy which requires less energy, allowing the venture to develop its own CPAP machine that can be battery-enabled, wearable, in addition to being more comfortable and portable than current solutions.

Picketa Systems

Picketa Systems is an agriculture technology hardware and software company that is developing a digital scanning device and data management platform to provide instantaneous plant and soil nutrition analysis in field crops. Picketa’s solution addresses fertilizer mismanagement due to the type of inefficient lab analysis currently used. Picketa’s technology reduces analysis time from days to seconds, while providing tailored recommendations for agriculturalists based on real-time conditions.

Prosaris Solutions Ltd.

Prosaris Solutions is a hardware and software company that detects, quantifies, and helps manage the resolution of gas leaks for a variety of industries such as food and beverage, automotive, and healthcare. The status quo uses pressurized fluids, but leaks can occur in these systems, which cost money, cause environmental harm, and create safety hazards and business interruptions, ultimately impacting a company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments. Prosaris offers an intuitive, lightweight, rugged, and affordable solution for any ESG-incentivized customer who needs to detect leaks, track repairs, assess, and ultimately act on leak data.


TurboPlay is a software development company in the gaming industry that is developing marketplace technologies. Its current focus is on GenXP (a wholly-owned subsidiary) that has developed a B2B, SaaS solution enabling businesses to create scalable 3D social events and sell virtual experiences within seven minutes (i.e. a “metaverse”). Through GenXP, TurboPlay is working with BigTech ecosystems to eliminate friction between disparate online worlds.

Rivelin Robotics

Rivelin Robotics has developed a microfactory that combines machine learning, machine vision, and robotics for the near-net-shape manufacturing sector to increase efficiency and reduce waste, with a current focus on additive manufacturing post-processing tasks. The company’s intelligent software platform enables engineers with no prior programming experience to quickly direct a robot arm’s movements using their knowledge and intuition.

Alariss Global

Alariss Global has developed an AI-based online talent marketplace for global expansion that connects international high-tech companies interested in U.S. expansion with top local sales, business development, and general management employees in the United States. The venture’s platform eliminates the difficulty for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to connect with top talent in a particular sector by providing accessibility to U.S. employees, and enables clients to go-to-market in the U.S. as fast as one week.


Inspek has developed a microchip that enables real-time monitoring of the chemical composition of a chemical medium, which allows for better characterization of chemical reactions and reduces failure rates during large scale manufacturing. Inspek’s ability to miniaturize the sensor makes it disposable and compatible with single-use technologies, such as bioreactors, mixers, and tubing, which are commonly used in biomanufacturing.


MintList (formerly TrafficDriven Technologies) has created an AI-powered, online used car marketplace, which enables consumers to buy, sell, and trade cars within hours with an aggregated network of car dealerships. This marketplace eliminates traditional consumer pain points when buying and selling a car, while leveraging existing dealer inventory and infrastructure.


Mobot builds and operates mechanical robots to help engineering teams automate regression testing for software that runs on physical hardware, starting with the iOS and Android ecosystems. Mobot’s infrastructure performs parallel tests on actual phones and tablets, replacing error-prone manual testing to automate business-critical scenarios such as push notifications, in-app purchases, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Northern Nanopore Instruments

Northern Nanopore Instruments (NNi) is building a solid-state, nanopore-based technology platform that will be used for in vitro diagnostics, DNA sequencing, and information storage markets. NNi is currently targeting research organizations as their beachhead market, where it is selling instruments to make nanopores in glass membranes for use by researchers. This approach is at least 100x cheaper than its competition, while producing pores of higher quality with higher yield.

Structure Plus

Structure Plus has developed an AI-based engine that provides construction firms and real estate developers with optimized structural design alternatives to reduce the quantity of materials required for steel and concrete construction projects. The venture’s cloud-based platform reduces inefficiencies associated with current structural design processes, such as high cost of materials, carbon emissions, and long workflow times, and has a current average optimization rate of 18 percent.

All Skin

All Skin is a health and beauty technology company that uses AI to help users detect skin sensitivities from home using a patch test kit. All Skin’s software uses the results of the patch test to generate personalized skincare and cosmetic product recommendations that avoid allergens and connects users to retailers to buy safe products through the All Skin app.

Cadence Final Document Services

Cadence is a digital service built to empower bereaved families by organizing, streamlining and automating estate settlement tasks. The software provides personalized guidance and uses form automation to help users navigate the process and complete the necessary applications and notifications. Cadence sells to (or partners with) businesses like funeral homes, law firms, insurance providers, financial institutions and general personal account providers (utilities, telecom, etc.).

Convergence Medical Sciences

Convergence Medical Sciences is a medical device venture that has created a ventilator multiplexer. The Valence InVent Xtend device, allows two to four patients to safely share a ventilator with each patient receiving individualized breath pressures.In the setting of disasters and multi casualty incidents, in addition to the pre-existing shortages in many developing countries, the use of ventilators result in thousands of preventable deaths every day. The Valence InVent Xtend increases ventilator capacity as a cost-effective, patented solution which has been authorized by Health Canada.

Nephrodite Inc.

Nephrodite is developing a combined implantable and wearable device that represents a change in the way end-stage renal disease treatment is delivered. The Holly device will remove the need for frequent visits to a dialysis center and resolve the lack of mobility that accompanies traditional dialysis treatment. The inspiration for this innovation was the heart Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), which has been proven to function in situ for extended periods, first as a bridge to transplant and later as a stand-alone device.


Ownly is an e-commerce platform that facilitates the purchase of new residential properties with the ease of booking a hotel room. The platform replaces the traditional in-person and time-consuming approach of purchasing real estate with a frictionless online experience that can be integrated into the existing website of a home builder or developer.

Umay Care

Umay is a consumer device venture that has developed REST, a wearable that helps reset the effects of screen time with a science-based wellness routine for better sleep and eye health. The device combines clinically-proven methods of periocular warming and cooling with heart rate variability biofeedback to restore the natural function of the eye and improve sleep – through the venture’s Thermal Meditation experience.


Xander is developing Caption Glass, an augmented reality (AR) device that attaches to the eyeglasses of people with hearing loss and provides real-time captions of what other people are saying in the form of speech bubbles integrated into the wearer’s field of view. When you can’t hear what someone is saying, now you can see what they’re saying.


Audette is creating a carbon-reduction plan for every existing building on the planet. By aggregating macro-scale mapping and geospatial records, and connecting those with the operating records from corporate real estate, Audette has trained machine learning tools to accurately predict the decarbonization pathway for any building. Its world-leading carbon intelligence is being activated across corporate real estate portfolios to plan and execute the global transition to zero carbon real estate.

Chroma Technologies

Chroma is a financial platform that helps renters build credit by reporting their rent payments to credit bureaus, with the goal of accelerating social mobility for the 35 percent of Canadians who rent their homes. Chroma also provides innovative and unique lending products to make renting more affordable and flexible.

Machinery Analytics

Machinery Analytics empowers automotive and battery manufacturers to make effective, data-driven decisions about the quality of their products via its software platform which automates analysis of complex image or time-series data. The proprietary platform goes beyond single algorithms and derives value both from the testing and operational processes. It helps detect failures early on, and accelerates clients’ go-to-market, unlike current data visualization platforms, consulting services, and process-specific software products.

Operant Networks

Operant Networks is focused on delivering simplified, cost-effective, secure, and edge-appropriate connectivity for expanding distributed networking architectures. Operant’s technology provides an integrated software platform that allows customers (such as energy generators) a reliable connection to field assets, resulting in increased operational uptime, cyber-attacks thwarted, 14x cost-saving, and three times the performance combined with an extendable cloud-to-edge security model.

Pocketed (legally known as deepND Inc.)

Pocketed developed proprietary algorithms and a marketplace platform to help businesses get matched with non-dilutive funding opportunities that they are eligible for. The platform contains scalable, automated tools for users to find, apply for, and win grants to quickly and easily.

RailVision Analytics

RailVision Analytics uses AI to determine the optimal driving style to a destination in order to help railroad operators save fuel, increase profitability, and improve safety. RailVision’s app, EcoRail, learns from locomotive data to provide real-time directions to crews on how to improve their handling, all the while providing transparency to the back-office and shop floor for vehicle performance and health.


Recalm has developed a patented noise-cancellation technology that can be used to reduce occupational hazards and increase worker productivity. Combining virtual sensing and noise control algorithms with retrofit hardware (mounted on a headrest versus plugged in/put on ears), recalm enables noise cancellation of up to 500Hz compared to 200Hz achievable by competing solutions.