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AWL-Electricity has developed a solution to transfer electricity wirelessly over long distances in a more effective way in terms of distance, power and efficiency than anything currently available on the market. The venture’s solution consists of a transmitter and receiver integrated within the devices requiring power.


Femtum brings the first generation of mid-infrared fiber lasers to the market. These lasers increase the yield and ROI for their clients in the high-tech manufacturing sectors (thin films, semiconductors, medical and photonic devices). They also enable new precision applications for the next generation of medical and electronic devices, the biotech industry, and the scientific/R&D markets.

Maxa AI

Maxa AI offers an AI analytics software suite that runs alongside a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and core transactional systems to automate monitoring, forecasting, and provide advanced business analytics. Maxa AI enables the extraction of deep and actionable insights from captive information.


Pathway offers an AI-based analytics engine platform for data from Things in Motion. Tailored for transport and logistics, it allows users to extract valuable insights from spatio-temporal data to improve operations, reduce costs, and meet the challenges of digital and sustainability transitions. The cloud-native application is no-code, powerful, and fully automated.


niosense provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to commercial fleet owners and operators to enable vehicles interaction with traffic signals and facilitate their movements in urban environments. Niosense helps to prevent unnecessary stops of vehicles, save time, improve road safety and reduce GHG emissions of transportation. The venture strives to help the 300M commercial vehicles worldwide to optimize their operations costs by 20%, helping them deliver more for less while providing clear benefits to cities and their citizens.


Optimate is developing a last-mile logistics operating system that automates dispatching, scheduling, and fleet management processes. The company helps mid-size logistics providers and delivery services make real-time, optimized dispatching decisions, thereby reducing operating costs and ensuring on-time delivery.


PAXAFE is a supply chain technology company that leverages near real-time telematics, third-party and enterprise resource planning (ERP) data to provide a digital twin to the physical supply chain. By contextualizing supply chain data at a more accurate and granular level, PAXAFE’s intelligence platform, CONTXT, develops increasingly accurate prediction models, such as PAXAFE PTA and PAXAFE ATP, pertaining to product condition and delivery of perishable and valuable cargo. CONTXT can be used as a SaaS-only, device-agnostic platform, or with PAXAFE’s IoT devices as it decreases product loss while improving operational efficiency.


PemPem is building a mobile supply chain management software that enables micro-enterprises in commodity supply chains (i.e. farmers, transporters, aggregators) to optimize their transactions, payments and operations. Its current product is focused on the palm oil supply chain in Indonesia.


PowerTree has developed software to document and maintain electrical distribution systems for better safety and accuracy. The core technology combines data extraction with computer vision to extract information into a self-serve platform for electricians and engineers to collaborate. This allows electricians and building managers to quickly access reliable drawings, saving them time, money, and improving electrical safety compliance.

Talyn Air

Talyn Air has developed a two-vehicle, staged electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft system inspired by two-stage rockets. It can achieve three times the range of any other battery-powered eVTOL aircraft due to  its unique architecture.

The Rubic

The Rubic is developing Freedom Pick, a goods-to-person delivery robot for supply chain and warehouse automation. Freedom Pick has been designed from the ground up to work with a proprietary AI vision system, allowing warehouses to achieve the highest density in the market, reducing operational cost, and improving throughput and efficiency.