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Cellens is commercializing an AI-based, cell-imaging platform for bladder cancer diagnostics. The platform leverages atomic force microscopy (AFM) imaging and machine learning modeling to perform a non-invasive test that quantifies physio-biomarkers on cell surfaces. By analyzing urine samples they can provide a diagnostic score for urologists. This ability to detect malignancy from as few as five to 10 cells reduces the need for invasive and costly procedures.

Origin Health

Origin Health is co-developing AI technology with maternal-fetal specialists to improve the detection rate of congenital anomalies from ultrasound screening. Origin aims to deliver specialist-level prenatal screening using AI to providers and patients with limited access to specialists. Origin will enable timely referrals to specialists, and assist clinicians to derive definitive diagnosis in order to suggest care pathways.

Talus Bio

Talus Bio is developing drugs for incurable childhood cancers. These cancers are nearly always caused by dysfunction in genome regulation, and Talus Bio has built a drug development platform using next-gen proteomics and AI to find new drugs for more than 400 presently untreatable genome regulators that play a role in cancer.

Tend Health

Tend Health is commercializing a device for safe, standardized, and convenient processing of stool samples into capsules for a gut microbiota transplant (GMT). Chemotherapy (or even antibiotic use) can wipe out vital healthy bacteria in the gut, leading to life-threatening infections like Clostridium difficile infection. GMT is a procedure for restoring microbiome diversity that includes collecting a stool sample then mixing, filtering, freezing, and storing it for later use. Tend’s device simplifies this process, and the company also offers microbiome testing and analysis.

Valorant Health

Valorant Health is commercializing a cloud-based, AI-enabled digital health platform to connect patients, physicians, providers, and other members of the medical community. The company is working with the U.S. Air Force and Military Health System and Veteran Health Administration to bring modern health solutions to service members, veterans, and their dependents. The company has signed contracts to cover 13,800 lives through the U.S. Air Force, 110,000 lives through the U.S. Army, and 50,000 lives through the Indian Health Service.

Wayfinder Biosciences

Incorrect folding and batch-to-batch variation in antibody manufacturing can cost millions of dollars. Wayfinder is solving this problem with the development of RNA sensors that can measure properly-folded antibodies in real-time. In addition, Wayfinder uses its RNA sensors to rapidly optimize the biosynthetic pathways necessary for production at industrial scale. Currently, Wayfinder has identified human milk oligosaccharides as a class of molecules with promising therapeutic applications in a rapidly growing market.