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Kayahn Space Corp.

Kayhan Space has built an autonomous satellite collision avoidance system that reduces the response time to potential collision events by 95 percent. The system also reduces the risk of collision by eliminating delays and human error from the critical path of the response. Its collision avoidance system will be used to notify satellite operators of potential collisions with a recommended maneuver that the satellite will receive within minutes to conduct.


Leanspace has developed ground and mission control software for spacecraft based on a cloud-based, modular infrastructure that enables customers to easily build fully-integrated and collaborative software systems across the entire mission lifecycle. Leanspace’s software infrastructure provides all the common building blocks as an ecosystem of web services in a unified platform that standardizes all data, reduces development time by 5x, and cuts costs in half.

Lunar Outpost

Lunar Outpost is developing spacecraft and cislunar infrastructure as a service with their beachhead market being lunar surface mobility. The venture provides cost-effective autonomous rovers for space and extreme environments that provide customers with ample power, mobility, data services, and a constrained thermal environment. The rovers will be used to host scientific, commercial, and technical payloads, thereby enabling a sustainable presence in cislunar space.


NewOrbit is developing a propulsion system that uses atmospheric particles as a propellant, which enables satellites to provide better services by operating efficiently at very low Earth orbits (VLEO). Customers will be able to operate satellites at an altitude of 200 kilometers, resulting in three times better image resolution for Earth observation, three times higher capacity for satellite internet, and 10x better weather imagery.

Novo Space

Novo Space is developing high-performance, radiation-tolerant, modular computers for data-intensive processing technologies in space, such as autonomous systems and machine learning. Novo Space’s hardware and associated software will reduce time-to-orbit, risk, and cost for applications requiring greater computing power and reliability than CubeSat electronics.

Obruta Space Solutions

Obruta Space Solutions is developing fully autonomous rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking capabilities for in-orbit assets. Obruta will provide these capabilities to satellite servicing and logistics companies to enable the delivery of on-orbit services such as refueling, life-extension, deorbiting, and hardware upgrades.

Prewitt Ridge

Prewitt Ridge has developed software for engineering collaboration using modern workflows that enable automation with improved traceability, a four-fold reduction in development cycle time, and will prevent failure in engineering systems. The software will be used by system engineers to streamline standard systems engineering work through advanced workflows, analyses, and models.