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Atheraxon provides low-profile, battery-less stickers, which when paired with their patented wireless reader, allow for the real-time horizontal and vertical localization of any item in warehouses and distribution centers. The system does not rely on triangulation and can operate with single gateways, which significantly reduces infrastructure costs. Unlike other solutions in the market, Atheraxon’s platform does not use traditional radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. It is discrete, lightweight, and battery-less, thereby increasing triangulation range by 200 metres.

Automation Intelligence

Automation Intelligence provides digital twins models of live warehouse and manufacturing plant environments, and lease access to optimization algorithms to improve the efficiency of equipment and systems therein. Automation Intelligence develops algorithms that optimize sequencing, scheduling, and assignment decisions in automated facilities, allowing their customers to optimize existing equipment without having to buy additional hardware. Automation Intelligence’s twin digital models eliminate the need for live-testing in a given environment, ensuring that day-to-day operations are not distrubed by optimization testing. creates AI computer-vision-based solutions to enhance store processes in the retail industry. optimizes retail employee time by monitoring shelf health, allowing retail stores to achieve two to four percentiles growth in two weeks. The product’s cameras record products in real-time, and uses AI to analyze out-of-stock products, planogram deviations, incorrect price tag, to help prioritize employee tasks on the shop floor.


Blockalytics provides a decentralized, cloudless IoT analytics and machine learning platform that delivers cloud quality insights without moving any data. Ninety percent of industrial data generated at the edge is discarded because of the cost of moving cloud data. Blockalytics allows for edge computing at local sites, provides real cost-savings by eliminating the need for cloud data movement, and thereby enables companies to utilize 100 percent of local data insights. is an AI-based fire detection system. The venture targets 450,000 indoors yearly fires in the U.S., and 2.5 million fire department responses to false alarms.’s technology significantly outperforms existing fire alarms in terms of early detection time and reduced nuisance alarms, without compromising sensitivity and specificity.

Gimme Vending

Gimme Vending builds patented innovative hardware, the Gimme Key Pro, that wirelessly connects vending machines and grocery stores’ receiving dock warehouses to the Gimme VMS. The Gimme VMS operating system allows food service companies to track all of their operations remotely, eliminating massive personnel and consulting costs, and allowing for key actions to be implemented immediately. Unlike existing systems, Gimme’s solution focuses heavily on detailed inventory tracking, with a focus on usability.


LimeLoop produces a reusable shipping package with sensors that can track key data points like location, opens, temperature, and more. LimeLoop plans to arm the growing e-commerce industry with a sustainable option for shipping that also provides important metrics for its customers. Unlike single-use shipping packaging that is expensive and wasteful, LimeLoop leverages technology-enabled reusable packaging to enhance the double bottom line.


OmniSpeech has developed deep-learning technology to remove background noise and improve speech quality. In the current environment, conference calls and video chats from anywhere are the new normal, but life around the call can be loud and distracting. Omnispeech implants its technology directly into hardware devices to ensure the highest level of sound clarity.

RIF Robotics

RIF Robotics leverages robotics, AI, and automation technologies to reduce inefficiencies in hospitals and improve patient outcomes. For each of the more than 48 million surgeries that are performed in the U.S. every year, technicians are responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing, and assembling instruments and supplies. Although the processes in the supply chain are meticulously managed, human error still results in incorrect surgical case carts, and RIF Robotics aims to reduce or eliminate this error altogether.

SJW Robotics

SJW Robotics is a food robotics company that has developed the first fully autonomous robotic restaurant. It is becoming increasingly difficult to hire restaurant employees. SJW Robotics provides a zero-employee restaurant, built to serve made-to-order meals that fit in a number of offices, universities, transportation centers, and grocery stores.

WasteWizer Technologies

WasteWizer Technologies has produced a sensor that measures the weight of large containers and compiles real-time analytics for container users. Most waste containers are picked up on a schedule, and not based on fullness or weight, resulting in unnecessary and costly trips. Unlike other sensors, WasteWizer measures weight instead of volume, providing insights to waste haulers and other stakeholders. These insights help clients improve efficiency and increase revenue, with the added bonus of reducing the amount of diesel fuel used.


Weeve helps companies solve people-transformation challenges at all levels of the organization through one-on-one conversations with an emotionally-aware chatbot named Kim. Every time a company loses an employee, it costs on average $100,000. Weeve is able to provide actionable issues, crowdsource solutions, and route employees to the right resources — all while closing the loop with leadership, offering lessons about why employees are leaving to improve retention.