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Atlas Metrics

Atlas Metrics has developed an end-to-end solution to help companies collect, manage, and report their ESG data. Investors and businesses face three key challenges with ESG data: the absence of global standards, the complexity and growing pressure of ESG-related regulations in the EU, the increasing cost and time dedicated to collecting, managing, and reporting this data. Initially targeting medium to large public and private companies in the EU, Atlas addresses these challenges with a platform that allows users to automatically manage ESG data, and report ESG performance across multiple standards, starting in the EU.


Caura is a payment platform for drivers to manage tolls, city charges, MOT-related charges, vehicle tax, and insurance. Existing systems require car owners to pay for their car-related charges through multiple platforms. Caura allows users to deal with all of their car-related payments in one place.


Climate X offers a data analytics platform for climate scenarios to inform short- and long-term strategic decisions for risk and asset managers in financial institutions, real estate, and the infrastructure sector. The platform translates data as actionable items in the form of location-specific risk ratings across millions of assets. The platform provides information on how individual assets could be damaged by climate change-related events (e.g. floods, hurricanes, subsidence), and how that damage translates into losses and asset revaluations.


Curacel is an AI-driven SaaS product that offers digital infrastructure to insurance providers to automate claims processing and fraud detection. Insurance companies are slow to process and pay claims, and suffer significant losses due to fraud. Curacel is initially targeting health and motor insurance providers in the African region.

Dapio (previously Paymob)

Dapio developed a contactless payment rail for mobile business apps that enables mobile phones to act as payment card terminals. Authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Dapio accepts all major cards and does not require any hardware other than smartphones. Dapio is currently focused on offering the product to technology vendors who serve SMEs/merchants.


ShareID’s authentication-as-a-service (AaaS) enables businesses to authenticate their clients’ identities in less than three seconds. ShareID issues a reusable digital identity owned by the user. Combining computer vision with their patented Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the venture can limit fraud attempts, reduce businesses’ operating costs, and protect clients’ identities.


StepEx has developed a technology platform, predictive algorithm, and regulatory licences that enable universities to offer payment for a course as a share of future earnings instead of an upfront fee. StepEx seeks to address the problem of family wealth limiting a student’s professional aspirations. The venture’s target market is providers of expensive qualifications (typically £5,000 to £90,000) that provide an uplift to graduate’s future earnings.