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Last Lock

Last Lock is an enterprise access control provider that leverages a proprietary commercial smart lock in combination with an affordable SaaS model to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solution on the market. Last Lock’s self-powering smart cylinder allows business owners to transform any mechanical lock system into a highly secure smart lock, which can recognize any existing physical keys, RFID devices, or smartphones. Last Lock is undergoing a pilot at the University of Wisconsin Madison testing its smart lock, control panel, and map-based dashboard.



MinervaAI has developed an anti-money-laundering investigation search engine that reduces manual research and data collection and synthesis from the manual 7.5 hours to about three minutes through the use of proprietary technology, deep learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis. The target market is financial services (traditional and neobanking); however, all business verticals that are subject to financial crime regulations (law, insurance, real estate, gambling) can benefit from MinervaAI.


Opterrix, Inc

Opterrix is a software platform that optimizes and automates critical workflows throughout the insurance value chain, improving combined ratios, reducing expenses, and driving higher customer satisfaction. Opterrix does this by ingesting essential core data sets, fusing them with external data services (real-time weather, property/environmental attributes, social media, etc.), and adding predictive automation, analytics, and visualization.


Pythonic Corporation

Pythonic provides software that processes unstructured data and automates workflows replacing human document review. More precisely, they develop and customize context-aware AI solutions for specific workflows by extracting meaning from unstructured text. To date, they have developed solutions specifically tailored to the title/escrow/closing market and the life/disability insurance underwriting market.



RoofMarketplace is a platform for insurance carriers to provide roof repair scope-of-work details to certified contractors and receive market-priced bids within 24 hours, without the contractor having to go on-site. On average, the RoofMarketplace market saves insurance carriers 13 percent over traditional cost estimators, while also saving contractors time and money.



TrustLayer has developed software that helps companies in any value chain verify if their suppliers, vendors, or borrowers have the prerequisite insurance to conduct business. Currently, the process of validating insurances in the value chain is a highly manual and inefficient process that happens hundreds of millions of times per year (in the US alone). TrustLayer uses robotic process automation (RPA) and AI to automate the process. Nearly every business must provide evidence of insurance to their business partners (i.e., construction subcontractor for projects, facilities management company, equipment leasing contract, home mortgages, auto loans, etc.).



Yields.io’s mission is to embed trust in an algorithm-driven world. It has developed Chiron, a data science platform designed to streamline model risk management. Chiron enables companies to eliminate bias, answer regulatory demands, and reduce the risk of loss resulting from inaccurate models. Yields.io focuses on global top-tier banks (such as HSBC, BNP Paribas, and Raiffeisen Bank International—all current clients) and regional banks with a balance sheet of at least $25B USD. Yields has also established a partnership with KPMG.


As the CEO, you give your job away every few months. The real challenge will be when you give a large chunk of the company away and then as you grow they will have to refine their positions.

- Kyle.Nakatsuji.Associate - May 7, 2021 @ 3:22 PM EST