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AegiQ develops turn-key quantum encrypted communication systems based on its proprietary deterministic sources of quantum light—the enabling technology for implementing communication solutions that are truly safe from quantum attacks. The venture’s technology is compatible with the current worldwide telecom fibre infrastructure as well as for satellite applications, and customers can therefore upgrade their systems to be quantum secure with minimal operational and infrastructure adoption costs.


Alpine Quantum Technologies

Alpine Quantum Technologies (AQT) is developing a modular ion-trap quantum computer with a capacity of more than 100 qubits. It does not require special cooling, draws less than 2kW of power, and can be powered from a normal wall-mounted power plug. AQT’s quantum computer will be directly plugged into customers’ existing High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure via industry-standardized 19-inch rack units.


Aquark Technologies

Aquark Technologies has developed a miniaturized plug-and-play cold-atom system that will be used to develop quantum applications, including atomic clocks, sensors, and navigation systems. Currently, cold-atom systems are difficult to implement in commercial applications given their size and sensitivity to noise. Aquark has developed a technique to miniaturize cold-atom systems using unique laser geometry that is based on more than 10 years of proprietary research at the University of Southampton.



Foqus is developing a software solution powered by machine learning techniques and proprietary quantum algorithms that can enhance the resolution of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Currently, the resolution for these methods is reduced by thermal noise which is usually compensated by using large magnets that (1) increase the size of the machine, (2) inflate the development cost of manufacturing, and (3) complicate the production of traditional MRI/NMR devices. Foqus performs the same compensation with software.


Kuano offers simulation software that develops enzyme inhibitors for various applications. Enzyme-inhibitor-based drugs for pharmaceuticals and insecticides and herbicides for agriculture developed by Kuano’s molecular simulation will exhibit superior binding and selectivity and be more resistant to genetic mutations while significantly reducing the development time and costs.


Ki3 Photonics

Ki3 Photonics offers hardware solutions to integrate quantum light generation and manipulation into the existing fibre network infrastructure, with an eye towards enhanced network security. These hardware solutions enable a decrease in cost, faster deployment speed, and development time savings for end users, who typically rely on custom, difficult-to-reproduce setups for quantum communication infrastructure. The offered products require no changes to the fibre links between communication ports, which is valuable to enterprise customers who would prefer not to incur significant capital costs when upgrading to quantum-enhanced security.


Quantum Bridge Technologies

Quantum Bridge Technologies (QBT) provides a suite of quantum-safe communication solutions. QKI, the first product developed by QBT, is a hybrid quantum-safe key distribution module that is compatible with today’s IT infrastructure while solving the current security threat posed by quantum computers. While the commercialization of QKI takes place in the near term, QBT’s technical team will develop the quantum repeaters—the fundamental building block for the quantum internet.

Quantum Dice

Quantum Dice is commercializing a compact and completely embedded, self-certified quantum random-number generator (QRNG) to provide security for the hardware encryption market. The product provides a unique self-verification system that ensures numbers are always random and generates random numbers at rates up to eight times faster than the state-of-the-art competing products. Their DISC protocol assures the end user of the reliability of the entropy output, even if the QRNG device itself is attacked.



VeriQloud is developing a hybrid classical-quantum cloud solution for secure data communication, storage, and computation on local networks. The venture’s software and hardware components are integrated with third-party Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) hardware and deployed on-premise. The venture’s cost-efficient hardware components act as intermediate nodes to add new nodes to the network without having to buy full QKD equipment. As an initial application, this solution will address the local network security issues in data centres.


VYouPoint Aero

VYouPoint Aero offers an airline resource allocation platform leveraging hybrid quantum optimization techniques to provide a decision metrics dashboard to low-cost airlines. The company uses a combination of flight schedules, aircraft routing, crew trip planning, trip assignment, and fatigue to generate more efficient and cost-saving schedules with lower operational risk.

They are very targeted which I think is what you need to be successful in this space. They need to step back and think about what their commercialization road map looks like, how much validation they will need, and the amount of capital it’s going to take to get them to where they need to go.

- Michael.Helander.Associate - Oct 20, 2020 @ 1:32 PM EST