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Blue Ocean Gear Inc.

Blue Ocean Gear is a technology company that builds GPS tracking buoys and associated software applications that allow fishers to remotely track their gear at all times.


Circadian Positioning Systems, Inc

Circadian Positioning Systems (CPS) is a sleep- and circadian-rhythm-based technologies company that has developed a system that tracks sleep/wake cycles and circadian patterns using an integrated hardware and software solution.



CyberOwl is a cybersecurity company that helps maritime and critical infrastructure asset operators gain visibility, cybersecurity, and compliance of systems on their distributed, remote assets.


Dive Technologies

Dive Technologies is a marine robotics company that is developing a large-diameter, deep-water-rated, autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) called the DIVE-LD.


ECOncrete Tech LTD

ECOncrete develops high-performance, environmentally sensitive concrete products that enhance the biological and ecological value of urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure, while increasing their strength and durability.


Flux Marine

Flux Marine designs, manufactures, and sells electric marine propulsion systems. Existing gas motors have low reliability, high maintenance costs, and contribute to air and water pollution.



Hydromea is a marine robotics company that has developed affordable, portable autonomous underwater drones and wireless optical modems that are capable of monitoring and inspecting subsea infrastructure and underwater environments.


Kraken Sense

Kraken Sense is a hardware and software company that develops water-quality sensors for food processors and aquaculture operations.


Marine Performance Systems

Marine Performance Systems (MPS) is a Dutch maritime technology company that has developed a patented solution to help commercial ships reduce fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions.


Remora Fishing Traceability

Remora Fishing Traceability is a seafood traceability company for small-scale fisheries that has developed hardware and software products to collect and analyze data throughout the fishing supply chain: catch, landing, and commercial sales.


SafetyNet Technologies Ltd.

SafetyNet Technologies (SNTech) is a fishing technology company that provides precision fishing hardware and software solutions to deter bycatch (endangered, non-quota, or juvenile species) from industrial fishing processes.


Umami Meats

Umami Meats is an alternative protein company developing cultured seafood based on a proprietary, low-cost, and sustainable formulation of growth factors: Umami Meats Serum (UMS).


There are niches where this technology will be really attractive. There are others where is totally inadequate, mainly due to range. They need to establish these early adopter markets

- Henry.Demone.Associate - Oct 16, 2020 @ 4:13 PM EST