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AdHash is a protocol for trading advertising placements via real-time bidding. It allows advertisers to serve ads directly to users of websites and applications, eliminating the need for any third-party ad serving, targeting, verification, tracking, and analytics providers.


Biconomy offers transaction-management services and products that enable decentralized apps (dapps) to improve the speed of transaction completion and end-user experience. For dapps built on layer-two blockchain networks, Biconomy provides transaction relaying services (Gasless) and services to shorten asset withdrawal time (InstaExit). For dapps operating on layer-one blockchain networks, where gas fees are less affordable, Biconomy provides end users with the ability to pay gas fees using ERC20 tokens (Forward). Developers can access Biconomy’s services using its application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK), which can be integrated into a dapp with three lines of code.


BUIDLHub is a protocol that enables the automation of cryptocurrency trade execution based on a trader’s desired conditions. BUIDLHub uses an ecosystem of trading bots to create scripts used by BUIDLHub smart contracts in order to execute trade orders based on a trader’s desired inputs and outputs. Interfacing solutions such as decentralized exchanges may integrate BUIDLHub’s solution to extend its existing liquidity and trade-execution capacities.


Maple is building a platform to allow companies to borrow corporate loans ($100K to $5M USD in size) and enable institutional and retail investors to invest capital for those loans. It uses smart contracts to automate the company due diligence, asset valuation, interest payout, and third-party risk-assessment process to enable efficient capital allocation and faster borrowing.

Merkle Science

Merkle Science provides blockchain transaction monitoring software for virtual asset service providers (VASPs) and law enforcement agencies to detect, investigate, and prevent the illicit use of cryptocurrencies. Merkle Science’s software analyzes public blockchains to identify whether blockchain addresses belong to legitimate entities, such as exchanges, wallets, or payment providers, or illicit entities present on the darknet, listed on the US OFAC sanctions list, or from hacked wallet addresses.

Moon Technologies

Moon is a web browser extension that enables consumers to pay with cryptocurrency at the point of sale through a merchant’s existing online checkout process. By partnering with payment networks (e.g., Visa), Moon can facilitate non-custodial crypto payments without direct merchant integration.

Reach Platform

Reach Platform provides a programming language and specialized compiler for developing decentralized applications. Developers can build applications twice as fast using Reach compared to current methods, while automatically verifying their code’s correctness.


Teller provides an open-source decentralized credit-risk protocol that can calculate a consumer’s creditworthiness by leveraging existing personal banking information. Decentralized finance applications (e.g., peer-to-peer lending platforms) can use Teller’s protocol to compute the credit risk of its users and automatically calculate loan terms, enabling the creation of new decentralized finance products (e.g., under-collateralized peer-to-peer loans). Teller is building a peer-to-peer decentralized lending platform on top of its credit-risk algorithm to enable under-collateralized crypto loans. is a platform for agriculture firms and financial institutions to connect with farmers on collaborative commodity crop-production plans. Agriculture firms share desired terms of crop production on the platform, whereby farmers select, agree upon, and provide farming input data to ensure crop-production conditions specified by the agriculture firm are met. Financial institutions also access this information to provide a tranche-based approach to working capital loans for farmers, based on evidence that crops are being produced as specified at each crop development cycle stage.

What’s exciting here is the crypto native community can test and iterate this concept and over time legacy will want to participate if they see a lower cost to borrow / will chase high yield – will be hard to ignore.

- Brian.Mosoff.Associate - Oct 21, 2020 @ 3:56 PM EST