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Armilla AI

Armilla AI automates model validation and analysis for risk management and compliance teams in the financial sector. The platform reduces the validation process from several months to one hour, reducing model deployment time and decreasing the number of models that are abandoned due to model-predictive capacity diminishing during the validation process.

Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk is a creative tool that uses AI to make creating sound for video so fast and easy that first-time users can create cinema-quality sound and music for film in real time. Editors, advertisers, animators, podcasters, and filmmakers can complete post-production in hours rather than days. Yesterday you needed millions of dollars and years of technical skill to do this. With, you’re a pro the first time you use it.

Botlhale AI

End-to-end language technology toolkit for conversational AI in African languages.


Clinia facilitates access to care through simpler healthcare navigation. With the digitalization of the healthcare ecosystem, the increase of online booking, and the ever more specialized providers, it has become increasingly complex to navigate the healthcare system. Thanks to Clinia’s search and directory technology, organizations from medical clinics to Ministries of Health can build a digital front door for patients to find the care they need—an Expedia of healthcare experience.

Circuit Mind Limited

Circuit Mind is building an AI software that helps engineers design electronic boards faster and more optimally. Providing designs to engineering companies developing hardware, Circuit Mind allows engineers to describe the electronics that they need, click a button, and get a completed design in seconds or minutes instead of weeks or months, providing cost savings and faster deployment.

Continuum Industries

Continuum Industries developed Optioneer, a cloud-based tool that helps engineers to design linear infrastructures such as railways, roads, power cables, and water pipelines. It allows engineers to codify the knowledge on how to design infrastructure, automate their design process ,and use ventures’ optimization algorithms find better designs much faster.


DeepLife uses deep learning to create digital twins of cells and predict, in silico, cells’ reaction to drugs, gene editing, or environmental perturbations. Their proprietary technology saves up to four years for the identification of molecular triggers that drive cells from a sick state to a healthy state. DeepLife wants to shape the future of bioengineering, starting today.


DeepOpinion is a low-code text intelligence platform for enterprises, helping business teams to build and apply custom NLP models with world-class accuracy in less than half a day. This enables every employee to become a citizen data scientist and closes the world’s largest skill gap.

Deep Planet

Deep Planet uses machine learning and satellite imagery to provide predictive agricultural insights to supply chain companies and growers to monitor crops, optimize irrigation inputs, and improve and forecast yield, starting with the wine industry.


FLOX Ltd. is a remote farm-management system initially focused on the broiler industry: chickens raised for meat. Using data collected by off-the-shelf CCTV cameras, FLOX’s edge-AI machine-vision algorithms provide farmers with 24/7 real-time shed monitoring, alerting them to situations that require attention.


Hades detects defects in sewer-inspection videos using computer vision. The current way of assessing a sewer is slow, error-prone, and subjective, requiring human experts to watch the whole inspection video and manually detect and report sewer defects.

Humanly HR Inc

Humanly automates job candidate screening, scheduling, and engagement for companies with high applicant volume. Humanly’s AI-powered technology is fundamentally changing how candidate screening at scale is done. Their technology aims to replace the 64 hours spent manually screening and scheduling for high applicant roles.

Intellisports Inc.

Intellisports’ PlayFitt motivation app uses classic gamification techniques to encourage people to be active and move more. They use machine learning to measure movements, which allows them to use gamification techniques as users know the movements are actually done. Intellisports’ retention metrics put them in the global top 100 apps. Their target market is 18- to 45-year-old people globally who have a smartphone.


LGN creates an AI algorithm running directly on hardware devices (edge AI), which detects the most relevant data collected by devices in real time and reduces the amount of data sent from the edge to the central system. LGN also enables connectivity between the hardware devices for improved learning at the edge.


Lynceus is a virtual quality-control testing platform for manufacturing, to accelerate root-cause analysis and targeting the real-time detection of 100 percent of defects with their pure software solution using data already collected. The venture uses transfer learning to train their technology on data from a single machine; consequently, the technology is deployable across multiple machines of the same type without retraining. The venture targets industry verticals that maintain centralized databases: semiconductor and pharmaceutical.


Phyla combines a gut-health app with an at-home microbiome testing subscription to deliver personalized care for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Private AI

Private AI has developed software that uses AI to strip personal data from text, images, and video. This allows businesses to preserve the privacy of their users’ personal data while being GDPR compliant.

Pronounceit Corp. (Claraphone)

Real-time accent-editing technology for speech clarification.


Rillavoice provides voice recognition to capture analytics from billions of face-to-face conversations happening in offline commerce (retail sales associates, car dealers, financial advisors, insurance reps, telco reps, etc.). Using audio data captured from a phone or tablet, their software transcribes conversations into text format. It then parses and analyzes the audio obtained to provide data that can be used to improve customer service and sales.

Robin AI

Robin AI uses a combination of natural language processing and rule-based algorithms to automate the legal review process of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). helps growth product managers at the largest web businesses make their sites user-centric by removing pages that don’t address a real user need. They centre internal linking around what users love and enrich pages with user-centric content. uses AI to mine search data to build knowledge graphs of how people think about and search for products.

Slingshot Simulations Ltd

Slingshot provides a real-time digital-twin simulation-as-a-service platform for the built environment and mobility sectors, generating up to 1000 times return of investment for users by ensuring that clients are tackling the right problems. Slingshot’s platform is a “no-code” environment that can be deployed in minutes; their most recent project saved a client more than £20M.


VocaliD is building algorithms to create unique, customizable voices that sound human. From two to three hours of speech, VocaliD creates totally unique AI voice personas to be used by individuals or corporations.

Best thing about Private-AI is that the current offering is a small fraction of what they know and can execute on. Slightly ahead of the market, but one of the sharpest teams in the privacy space today.

- Ken.Nickerson.Fellow - Apr 26, 2021 @ 5:46 PM EST