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Avalo is a plant improvement company leveraging recent advances in interpretable machine learning to create the next generation of crops. Avalo minimizes the time it takes to produce new plants by creating new efficiencies in the breeding pipeline. Currently working on cold-tolerant rice, leafy greens for indoor agriculture, and cover crops, Avalo aims to produce novel crops and plant products that support the next century of agriculture.


Holganix uses a patented methodology of stacking, concentrating, and stabilizing large consortiums of microbes. The resulting bio fertilizer, Bio 800, contains over 800 species of soil microbes that work to improve the economic and long-term sustainability in land management. For farmers, Bio 800 improves fertilizer efficiency, crop yield, and soil health to provide a two to 10x ROI.


IXON has developed a food sterilization and packaging technology called Advanced Sous-vide Aseptic Packaging (ASAP) that enables lightly-cooked meat, fish, seafood and eggs to be stored at room temperature for up to two years. Using ASAP, IXON can ship animal proteins directly to customers around the world without cold chain logistics.

Liven Proteins

Liven creates protein ingredients without involving animals by upcycling food and agriculture by-products. Liven’s technology involves genetically engineering microorganisms, such as yeast, that transform agriculture and food by-products (pea starch, spent grains, etc.) into protein ingredients (collagen, gelatin, egg proteins, etc.) through a fermentation process. Animal-free protein ingredients help plant-based foods achieve their full potential in delivering taste, texture, and cooking experience. Liven’s mission is to enable a circular economy in the food industry to make it more sustainable.


Re-Nuble’s proprietary Organic Cycling Science approach takes unrecoverable vegetative waste from food production and turns it into nutrients and growing media for indoor growing. Using a combination of biological processing technology and raw materials, vegetative waste byproducts are turned into water-soluble nutrient compounds (e.g. nitrate, phosphate, and organic forms of nitrogen) which are better absorbed by the plant, producing comparable yields at a similar price point in a sustainable manner.

Root Applied Sciences

Root Applied Sciences is developing a pathogen monitoring system that provides farmers and agronomists with early warning of airborne pathogens. Root’s system includes a quantitative DNA-based analysis designed for automation which enables producers to make informed decisions on pesticide use. Ultimately, it will detect pathogens before symptoms appear, eliminating unnecessary pesticides.