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3D BioFibR

3D BioFibR has developed a platform technology to produce fibres composed of high-value biomolecules, such as structural proteins, spider silk, and nanoparticles, for applications in several multi-billion dollar markets, including biomedicine, defence, and sustainable textiles.

Alan AI, Inc

Alan AI is a platform that enables mobile applications and websites to have direct human-like conversations with their users.


The Arcturus HoloSuite cloud-based platform enables users to edit, finish, and distribute volumetric video to deliver directable and interactive holographic content. Holographic content consumes immense data and currently requires significant time and money to create.

AWE Technologies LLC

AWE Technologies LLC develops wave-science-based, non-invasive sensors to characterize, measure, and manipulate objects and fluids in a variety of industries.

BioHuntress Therapeutics Inc.

BioHuntress Therapeutics Inc. is a nature-inspired, scientifically validated, patent-protected drug-development platform that is commercializing its first product: a safe, targeted drug for blood cancers developed from a bee glue-derived compound, BG8.


Breezi’s IoT device works like a fitness tracker for HVAC systems by monitoring various aspects of commercial and residential HVAC systems.

Crossing Minds

Crossing Minds has developed an entertainment recommendation platform designed to provide personalized recommendations without putting consumer’s privacy at risk. The company’s platform uses advanced deep learning to understand human behaviour through comprehensive taste analytics combined with technologies such as collaborative filtering, large data, and data analysis, which enables users to get personalized push service recommendations.

Dynami Battery

Dynami Battery has created a manufacturing technology for lithium batteries consisting of a novel 3D-printed electrode structure. The honeycomb-like electrode structure allows battery cells with certain chemistry to attain higher energy density, faster charging times, and longer life cycles compared to equivalent chemistry cells made with traditional manufacturing technologies.

FormAlloy Technologies

FormAlloy has developed a patented laser metal deposition process that provides an innovative, cost-effective solution for 3D metal part production, repair, and cladding to a diverse set of industries. Their directed energy deposition (DED) systems use blue-light laser technology to create parts with diameters spanning from 1mm to 1m at a deposition rate of 15 lbs per hour.

Granville Biomedical

Granville Biomedical is a women’s health tech company specializing in the design of female anatomical models and procedural task trainers for healthcare practitioners, and has recently pivoted during COVID-19 to design novel biocompatible nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID testing purposes, as well.

HYKE Technologies Inc.

HYKE Technologies Inc. is a consumer-incentive data-analytics platform that analyzes the subconscious purchase behaviour of millennials and Gen Z consumers and displays this data on a dashboard for its customers (businesses).


Inchfab has developed a set of proprietary custom microchip manufacturing tools that are 12 times smaller and cost 1000 times less than traditional semiconductor fabrication tools. The size and cost-effectiveness allow Inchfab to service markets such as the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) market, which require low production volumes of highly customized microchips.

Iris Dynamics

Iris Dynamics creates fully integrated electric linear motors that simplify robotic design while improving performance. Iris’s motors are more robust, accurate, and quiet. The motors are currently found in applications including vehicle-mounted camera/sensor stabilization, interactive amusement park rides, VR training systems, medical training systems, and numerous laboratory applications for Ford, Dyson, Boeing, Airbus, and NASA.


NanoTess is a nanotechnology-enabled medical device company whose first product, NanoSALV, is designed to treat and heal chronic wounds, with an initial focus on diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

Niricson Software

Niricson Software has developed a proprietary damage-assessment software platform paired with a patent-pending drone-based data collection technology that helps infrastructure owners inspect their structures (e.g., hydro dams) in a way that is more accurate, five times faster, and 50 percent more cost-effective. Niricson is differentiated by its ability to automatically detect and quantify not only surface damage, but also subsurface damage.


Omnivor has developed a proprietary 3D holographic technology to enable a new media format that delivers a realistic experience for remote human communication. Omnivor’s solution streams true-to-life holograms in real time, allowing participants across the world to feel as if they were in the same room, using either their mobile phones or a head-mounted display.

Origami XR

Origami XR has developed an AI-based software that allows users to scan a space using the LiDAR camera in their iPhones to create high-quality digital twins that rival results from professional tripod-based LiDAR scanners. Origami’s digital twins enable virtual site visits for construction, commercial real estate, and forensics professionals, and can be viewed on phones, computers, and VR headsets.

Paper Crane

Paper Crane is a business-to-business software company developing a predictive data analytic platform for insurance risk modelling. The software automatically intakes location, geographical, and weather data, and integrates it with a customer’s existing geolocation data to create an enhanced proprietary dataset without precision loss. The new dataset allows insurance companies to improve their risk models to make better policy decisions.

PionEar Technologies

PionEar Technologies is an innovative bio-inspired platform medical device company stemming from Harvard Wyss Institute and Massachusetts Eye and Ear. PionEar has developed a new generation of patent-pending award-winning biocontamination-resistant medical conduits (e.g., tubes or shunts) inspired by the slippery pitcher plants, which can be customized to address the need for more efficacious drug delivery or drainage of biological fluids in different parts of the human body (ear, eye, brain, etc.).


Pulsnenics has developed a proprietary pulse-emitting hardware probe for use in heavy industries such as large-scale hydrogen production and mining. The probe extracts unique characteristics of an electrochemical process and analyzes them using AI software to make real-time recommendations on how to optimize energy efficiency and reliability of these electrochemical processes.

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine is developing an interactive content platform focusing on youth empowerment, where the platform leverages the content by adding gamification that enables the community to earn real-world items, experiences, and digital rewards. Both the content and rewards feature influencers, celebrities, and brands that are popular with Gen Z users.


Skyqraft provides automated and sustainable infrastructure inspections using drones and AI to automatically detect any dangerous issues for power lines. Images of the power grid taken from drones are fed into the Skyqraft AI software for analysis and fault detection.

UnBound Chemicals Inc.

UnBound Chemicals Inc. is a cleantech company developing a comprehensive recycling program for pharmaceutical manufacturers to utilize the valuable ingredients from pharmaceutical waste.


ZeroIN provides proprietary formulations and added-value ingredients to small- and medium-sized food and beverage manufacturers to reduce sugar in their products while maintaining good taste.

This team has been phenomenal to work with, receptive to advice and incorporate it into what they are doing. I encourage them to focus on larger industrial customers, they have been doing some work with early stage startups. I still think this is valuable to get feedback but typically these markets of startups are not fully proven.

- Murray.McCaig.Associate - Apr 23, 2021 @ 3:49 PM EST