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Adeptmind is a Data as a Service (Daas) company that provides product and content search, AI-powered reviews, guided discovery, guided recommendations, and trend data mining to retailers. Adeptmind uses a new deep active learning topic modelling engine to mine and identify relevant data from social media, reviews, YouTube, and user journeys. Adeptmind can help retailers better customize their product discovery with the needs of their customers.


Bubo.AI is an AI-driven willingness-to-pay-based price-optimization solution for B2B businesses, initially focusing on wholesalers and distributors. Their technology identifies the optimal price a customer will pay for a product on a given day, having built algorithms that incorporate some 50 internal and external parameters, including historical prices and volumes, seasonality, distance from customer, competitors, and the profile of a customer. The latest case study showed gross margin improvement of 19 percent in eight weeks.


Compatio offers a knowledge commerce platform that changes the way products are sold. Unlike traditional e-commerce systems that focus on individual products, Compatio enables the discovery and purchase of products that go together to fulfill a custom requirement. Examples would be a graphics card that works with a specific motherboard or a customized bike. Compatio has developed a knowledge graph database, commerce plugins, and a multi-marketplace platform that are engineered to sell products that have complex relationships.


HiGeorge gives organizations access to the world’s public data via an application programming interface (API) or ready-to-use data visualizations, enabling them to access thousands of external data sources. Newsrooms looking to pull and display continuously updating data on COVID cases, for example, would not be able to do so without a data engineer. HiGeorge provides a pipeline configuration and visualization builder, sourced from any external public data source, that allows analysts without coding experience to create auto-updating visualizations or APIs.

Reflekt Me

Reflekt Me allows online retailers to match the characteristics of a shopper (size, skin tone, hair texture, etc.) in the images they’re shown. The venture is in the prototyping phase while engaging with potential clients in preparation for entering the market.


SpeedSize is an image and video compression company. Using machine learning, SpeedSize’s software reduces the size of an image or video while keeping its perceptible quality. With just one line of code that can be easily implemented into any website, SpeedSize locates, compresses ,and delivers images and videos that accelerates a website’s media loading speed by 50 to 1,000 percent, reducing bounce rates and increasing the website’s Google score.

I do feel that, once curacode is proven with higher level uses such as currency, passports, etc, it would certainly be of interest downstream, especially once pricing reduces.

- Bill.Feast.Associate - Mar 11, 2021 @ 4:00 PM EST