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Axya (formerly GRAD4)

Axya is the easiest and fastest solution for buyers to connect with the perfect manufacturing partner for their specific needs in the ever-changing market conditions. Axya focuses on metal parts, a $300B market in Canada. They are a marketplace with an intuitive interface that allows buyers to be 10 times more efficient at reaching the most qualified supplier. By leveraging collected data, Axya gives relevant insights about industry trends, competitiveness, and potential partners.


ChrysaLabs has developed a portable, real-time soil fertility assessment solution for precision agriculture that enables producers and agronomists to better manage their fertilizers and increase their yields.


EHVA is building a hardware and software solution to automate the R&D testing process in silicon photonics chips. They are targeting foundries and silicon photonic chip designers like Intel, Huawei, and Cisco.


With operating temperatures from -20 to 60℃, a 15+ km range and a 75+ min flight time, TriStar’s drone is the best-performing multirotor under 10kg in the world. Tristar has developed a power management system that allows drones to operate up to 30 percent more efficiently. Use cases are in surveying and security up north for the extractive sectors, search and rescue, or in Arctic shipping. Their power management system can also be used in other electric-vehicle and Arctic applications.


Geckomatics has redesigned the way organizations acquire geographical information by developing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and deep learning to help users get the data they need. They have created the most comprehensive A-to-Z solution for mobile mapping, beginning with a proprietary mapping camera and delivering pro-quality geodata, with all processes in between.


HAXIO’s main mission is to help manufacturing companies reduce the costs of non-quality production by empowering them with the easiest-to-deploy deep-learning-based vision solution for quality control processes. By deploying a solution typically composed of an imaging system (camera, light, and lens), an edge computing device, and FactorySight (Haxio’s deep-learning-based vision software), SME manufacturers are able to monitor their lines of production and ensure defective-free products.


InfiSense offers a software+API that makes a disruptive new wireless sensing technology work like magic. They enable customers to leapfrog past the complicated, custom engineering and development required to deploy and make sense of the data streaming from low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) devices. InfiSense is initially targeting businesses that provide analytics services to optimize energy use and processes for building owners, operators, and utilities. Use cases include energy efficiency and indoor agriculture.

Legit Fish Company

Legit Fish has developed a cloud-based traceability solution that verifies product data from the vessel or aquaculture facility to the consumer’s plate. It collects data throughout the supply chain and verifies it against government records with a patented process. LF can use any tagging or labelling system to transfer information to the buyer at each stage of the supply chain. It enables the vessel to market directly to the end consumer, which can promote sustainability and local product.


Manyfolds is an ultra-compact, affordable, and eco-friendly system that creates instantly size-optimized packaging via a web app—for the millions of SMEs and e-tailers that need to reduce their overall packaging cost and environmental imprint.

Milk Moovement

Milk Moovement provides actionable intelligence across the dairy supply chain through their cloud-based software. Milk Moovement tracks all milk shipments from producers to processing plants and delivers real-time information to producers, processors, transporters, labs, and dairy co-operatives. With Milk Moovement, dairy boards can eliminate administrative time by up to 85 percent, which is $600,000 on average.


ResilienX provides a health and integrity monitoring software product called FRAIHMWORK (Fault Recovery and Isolation, Health Monitoring frameWORK) to enable fault tolerance and graceful degradation in complex system-of-systems environments. They are leveraging their decade-plus of lessons learned to provide In-time System-wide Safety Assurance (ISSA) for the UTM/UAM/AAM ecosystems. Their software is integrated into Operations and Control Centers (OCCs) in some of the largest UTM programs in the US.


Turbodega is digitizing the supply chain of independent small grocery stores (bodegas) in Latin America, offering an integrated supply chain between CPG companies, third-party distributors, and bodegas. Their sales suite is composed of two main products: an app for sales reps who visit stores face-to-face that guides them to execute better on the point of sale; and a marketplace platform integrated on WhatsApp that allows store owners to make an order in case they don’t receive a visit from the rep.

Take care in entering enterprise relationships as it may threaten the level of participation of other suppliers/buyers – ensure that the value of existing and growing user base is solid enough before moving in this direction.

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