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ALT TEX engineers sustainable, biodegradable, and carbon-neutral fabrics for the fashion industry. Through its closed-loop model, ALT TEX is reengineering food waste into biodegradable fabrics intended to replace polyester.

Brilliant Matters Organic Electronics

Brilliant Matters supplies next-generation organic semiconductors for the printed electronics market. Their method greatly reduces costs, production complexity, and environmental impact of organic semiconductor manufacturing.

Circe Industries

Circe is building a gas (CO2/H2) fermentation system that uses genetically engineered microbes to produce tailored polymers. Their initial product will be triacylglycerides (TAGs) for cocoa butter and animal-free dairy products.


e-Zinc produces long-duration energy-storage devices that store energy in zinc metal. Their technology uses commodity materials (e.g., zinc, nickel, copper, steel) in a patent-protected process to ensure low-cost energy storage to replace diesel generators for remote communities.

ŌSHen Beauty

ŌSHen Beauty makes biodegradable, biocompatible, and bioactive nonwovens (textiles that can be bonded together using a chemical, mechanical, heat, or solvent treatment) for cosmetic applications, such as facial wipes. They can instill the active ingredients into the textiles by leveraging rotary jet spinning, a manufacturing process that allows mixtures to be kept dry until use. This will reduce the need for water-resistant packaging, which is a key cause of pollution in the marine environment.


Magnomer is commercializing a magnetic ink technology, which can be printed on shrink labels, adhesive-backed labels, and flexible multilayer packaging. This allows the labels to be sorted from the plastics by magnetic separation during the recycling process.

Nfinite Nanotechnology

Nfinite Nanotechnology has developed a nanocoating technology that enables the fabrication of devices such as photovoltaics, batteries, displays, smart windows, and flexible electronics. They have created a novel system that can produce large-area, high-quality, ultrathin films at up to 100 times the speed of conventional ALD at a lower cost.

No you did not make a mistake letting them back into the program. After working with many companies at CDL, this is the one I enjoy working with the most. Totally no-nonsense. They know what they want to get from the relationship. What we need to do here is see the material and figure out the characteristics of this insulation material. If you do have a good material, B2C is the way to go at the beginning.

- Chen.Fong.Fellow - Dec 10, 2021 @ 1:57 PM EST