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BioForm Solutions

Bioform has developed a multilayered 3D extrusion printer for plant-based hydrogels that are highly functional and 100 percent biodegradable. Bioform’s first product is a kelp-based stretch film from the novel extrusion technology that is water-based, requires no heat, and is ideal for producing multilayered products that are environmentally safe and reinforceable.

Breathe Battery Technologies

Breathe Battery Technologies is a battery management company developing an electric vehicle battery-charging control software for automotive manufacturers that adapts the charge to every battery’s unique condition. Their software improves battery capacity by 5 percent and allows for twice as many uses over the battery’s lifetime, without requiring any costly or time-consuming hardware changes.

EV Biotech

EV Biotech is an organism-engineering company developing a digital-modelling method for microbial cell factories (MCF) development, as an alternative to the traditional trial-and-error method for industrial production of high-value chemicals and proteins. They have created in-house computational models of their host organisms and developed analytical tools and pipelines for these models, allowing them to produce microbes in half the time and for a 25 to 50 percent cheaper price.

Lucent BioSciences

Lucent BioSciences is developing sustainable solutions for food security and climate change mitigation. Lucent’s first product, Soileos, is a sustainable, smart micronutrient fertilizer that increases yield, crop quality, and nutrient density at a competitive price. The product is also carbon-neutral, does not pollute, and improves soil health.

Orbillion Bio

Orbillion Bio is developing a cell line and media optimization platform—HyperPlex bio-platform—to overcome the major roadblocks (lack of access to cell lines and high costs of media) to cultivated meat production. By using the patented technology on a microfluidic chip combined with machine learning algorithms, Orbillion Bio conducts high-throughput cell imaging and differentiation analysis to offer a broad selection of cultivated meat products.

Renaissance Fusion

Renaissance Fusion is a stellarator company developing a kit of units (assembled separately) that form the core of a fusion power plant to bring fusion power to the grid (doughnut-shaped chamber where fusion reactions take place and heat is generated). Their solution is safe, compact, and easy-to-install, provides a carbon-free, non-radioactive energy source, and reduces the total costs of electricity. The founder, Dr. Francesco Volpe, is one of the few physicists worldwide who have conducted research on all four major magnetic fusion concepts, as well as on liquid metals and metamaterials.

Salo Sciences

Salo Sciences (Salo) is a conservation-focused company aimed at scaling the investment in, and deployment of, natural climate solutions by providing software tools and data sets derived from satellite imaging, deep learning, and ecological modelling. Salo’s first product—the Forest Observatory—is a forest-monitoring system that maps various aspects of forest structure at the individual tree-scale directly from satellite imagery, aimed at fire-hazard analysis and forest management.


Samp is a SaaS company that leverages machine learning techniques to generate data-enriched 3D models of large industrial facilities. This digital twin is built and updated automatically from a scan of the site and provides facility owners reliable information about their aging facilities to base their recurring modification projects on, while increasing safety and saving money.

Shiok Meats

Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean meat company, growing crustacean meats (crab, lobster, shrimp) in the laboratory using cells instead of animals. Their first product, cultivated shrimp, is animal-, health-, and environment-friendly and cruelty-free, with the same taste and texture and increased nutrients.


SpinDrive is a machinery company developing oil-free active magnetic bearings (AMBs) systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). By levitating the rotational part of the machine, thereby eliminating friction and increasing the rotating speed, SpinDrive allows their customers to increase the efficiency of their industrial processes by at least 10 percent, lower their lifecycle costs by 35 percent, and mitigate 200t of CO2 emissions annually.

Spintex Engineering Ltd

Spintex Engineering is a sustainable material company that produces artificially spun silk fibres by replicating a spider’s spinning method. Their process allows fabric manufacturers to produce 6A grade silk fibres—the highest existing level—without using hazardous chemicals. Spintex uses 50 percent less energy than existing methods.

Stockholm Water Technology

Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) is a water purification company developing an electrochemical solution for industrial wastewater and municipal water companies. Their technology is customizable and uses a low-voltage direct current to electrosorb (use electricity to remove pollutants from the water). Customers save 50 percent on energy and can reduce their operating expenditures by half.


SUBLIME Energie is a chemical company developing a biogas liquefaction solution for the collection, transport, purification, and packaging of biogas (biofuel naturally produced from the decomposition of organic matter) from biogas producers, starting with small farms and water-treatment plants. Their technology allows producers to valorize agricultural biogas into bioCO2 and bioLNG (liquified bio-methane), which can then be used as biofuel, leading to a 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for the mobility sector.

XFlow Energy Company

XFlow Energy designs, manufactures, and sells vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) that achieve efficient wind energy conversion and have 20-year lifetime reliability without the mechanical complexity of traditional wind turbines, reducing the cost of wind energy and expanding the geographies where wind energy is economically viable.

In the SGM, the opportunities associated with carbon calculations seemed large. Salo has some of the best data processing capability. They need to show how this can contribute to global carbon reduction actions. Salo should reconnect with The Nature Conservancy (the world’s largest conservation NGO) to discuss this.

- Jonathan.Fink.Scientist - May 6, 2021 @ 1:46 PM EST